“I was very sick with “Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.” I had debilitating fatigue, uncontrollable weight gains, hair loss and was always in a constant state of brain fog. I’ve always eaten healthy but couldn’t turn the corner on my condition. I saw the value of the curriculum from the very beginning. After several weeks in the program, I no longer had the brain fog and fatigue. I’ve also lost 40 pounds of body fat and replaced it with 20 pounds of muscle too. I feel and look so much better. I’ve appreciated most the coaching, the education and the accountability from New Life Integrative of Ca. Dr. Bob Armstrong has taken the time to really work closely with me and the results have been fantastic. I am very grateful that Dr. Armstrong came into my life and I hope you too find this program as helpful and life-changing as I have.”

Jennifer H, Riverbank, CA.

“Since coming to see Dr. Bob, I have felt so much better from my back. I can sleep throughout the night and not feel so tired during the day. I can also stand much straighter now than when I first came in. I think this is great improvement for an 88 year old. Thank you Dr. Bob!”

Frank Azil

“I am so glad that my girlfriend recommended Dr. Bob to me. I had been struggling with persistent upper torso and neck problems. I also had worsening curvature of the spine that is gradually straightening out. If you are having serious problems. The “Corrective Care Plan” is what I highly recommend. I’ve almost completed the plan and I feel so much more flexible than before I started 6 months ago! Thank you.”

Maureen Whittaker

“I was raised by a chiropractor in the 40’s & 50’s. “Prevention is the key” was our family motto, my personal motto, and the motto I raised my four children by. My other motto was “don’t let the monkeys run the zoo.” I have been helped by chiropractic adjustments for many serious back injuries and falls. I received maintenance care during an active nursing career of 50 years. I am now 77 years old, retired and active and enjoying life to the fullest while still coming in two times a week for my regular adjustments with Dr. Bob. Thank you for all that you do!”

Marianne Cremer- R.N.

“I have noticed how noticed a significant difference in how my body feels, and when I’m not being adjusted, my body feels out of whack. I grew up with a grandpa and uncle who strongly believed in chiropractic care. My grandpa did the block chiropractic method, and uncle did the popping your back while hug yourself. Dr. Bob’s care has been more effective than the block method my grandpa did. Little known fact, unadjusted, one of my legs was shorter than the other. As soon as I am adjusted, my legs are back to even length. I come to Dr. Bob because he really has great methods, between block and really active adjustments. I also love falling asleep in the cervical traction bed.”

Kris Peters.

“Chiropractic Care has improved my performance at work. I don’t have the pain I would normally have from work anymore. I feel better and have more energy. I wake up less fatigued and I also feel taller! Thank you.”

Alexander Joomata

“I went to the Vintage Park Mall in Modesto, and Dr. Armstrong was demonstrating and doing posture evaluations. I was consulted by the doctor to make an appointment for further evaluation. I scheduled an appointment and had x-rays taken. The x-rays showed the problems I was feeling. All made sense especially with the symptoms I have had of the pain I have in my back. Since I have had treatments there has been a lot of relief from doing CBP traction. I have really found relief from my pain with my treatments and I really appreciate both Dr. Bob and his assistant Bob Sr. for their help in my healing process. I’ve experienced so much improvement in my health, that I’ve been coming to see Dr. Bob now for over 8 straight years. Thank you Dr. Bob.”

Dorothy Brumley

“I have a lot of health problems which caused me to have pain in my neck, back, hips and joints in general. My energy was extremely low. After the first month of chiropractic help, I noticed less pain in all my joints. I am now experiencing more energy from sleeping better at night too. Thank you.”

Valerie Spykuma

“My chiropractic care has helped reduce the amount of headaches that I have. It has gotten rid of consistent soreness in my neck and shoulders. I can think more clearly and my digestion is better along with other physical improvements. I still need more help to improve my back pain related issues. But overall, chiropractic care through this office has helped me improve the quality of my life. Thank you again Dr. Bob.”

Erik Lopez

“Dr. Bob’s chiropractic care has helped to ease the pain I used to have on my lower back as well as some neck pain that I used to struggle with. I had never had x-rays of my spine either, so it was interesting to see how my spine looked and to then be informed of what I could do, to better my health. Overall, it’s been a great experience and I am looking forward to finishing up my treatment. Thank you!”

Jesus Garcia

“Before coming to see Dr. Bob with my mom I had really bad back and neck problems, but since coming for my chiropractic treatments, my back and neck don’t hurt nearly as bad. Also, my headaches have gone away too. Thank you.”

Miranda Albertoni

“I started coming to the chiropractor as soon as I got pregnant. Right from the start, I was having lower back pain. I didn’t want to suffer the whole pregnancy and chiropractic care has completely taken care of the pain. On top of that, I have always had neck pain and with adjustments every week I can tell that my neck has more strength and better posture. My jaw has been a problem as well and has always popped out of place, but with time I’m starting to feel it go back into alignment. Totally worth every penny and of course don’t forget about the awesome Spa Capsule that relaxes every muscle. Can’t wait to see the full results of what chiropractic has done for my spine. Thank you.”

Tara Flory

“Tube un accidente de caro en Diciembre y fui a tratamiento con un chiropractico pero no senti ninguna mejoria hasta que conosi al Dr. Bob y los tratamientos de el senti una gram mejoria en mi cuell0, espalda, pie y cadera. Gracias a terapias y notado una gran mejoria en mi misma. Estoy muy agradecida porque gracias a el tengo un major estilo de vida me siento muy satisfecha porque gracias a el ahora puedo haser cosas que antes no podia. Muchisimas Gracias!”

Karina Vega

I have been a dental assistant for 7 years, My profession has caused me problems with my neck and back. I decided it was time to get into shape. I joined Gold’s Gym. While there I scheduled an exam, x-rays and consultation, with New Life Integrative of CA. I came to Dr. Bob because I had pain in my neck, lower and mid-back. The x-rays showed that I had lost my “natural-curve”. I started going to Dr. Bob for 3 days a week to be adjusted for the subluxations I had been suffering from. He also recommended home traction for me to do on my own three or more times a week. He gave me instructions for better posture and different exercises I could do at work. Within a few months I started to notice real improvements. For example my neck had more flexibility and stopped hurting when I looked over my shoulder to change lanes in my car. I could assist my dentist with more stamina and less discomfort too. After 3 months, Dr. Bob took post-x-rays to see how I had improved. The curvature in my neck is almost back to a normal “optimal curve” and my back showed great improvement. Dr. Bob treated me, not only with professional care for my subluxations but he treats your mind by educating you on how your body can heal itself. He also treats your soul with encouraging words of wisdom and information. He has been such a blessing to me and is one of the most caring, uplifting, sweetest people I have ever known. Thanks Dr. Bob, for all you do!”

Marie Rehn

“I had been suffering with stiffness in my neck for about 5 years. Three years ago I was in an auto accident and felt things weren’t right but I never thought to seek out chiropractic care. I just thought I had to get used to living with pain in my leg, hip, shoulder and neck area. That was until I heard Dr. Bob Armstrong speak at one of our girl’s club meetings. I thought “what do I have to lose?” At that point I couldn’t turn my neck, not even to look back while driving. I knew something had to be done. My first visit with Dr. Bob was so revealing. I learned that he could correct my spine and forward head posture as well as my overall health. He took x-rays and did a thorough examination and reviewed those with me and accepted me as a patient. Within 3 visits I was able to turn my head in every direction and I had much more energy. I am two years into my health program and I feel so much better. I completed my first phase of care, and have nothing but positive experiences to share with others. I always thought that chiropractic didn’t work, but I am living proof that it really does. I am in better health now and then I was two years ago, for sure. I am able to enjoy things in life again. I love to travel and go on cruises with my sister and these are more pleasant now that I am in good health. I am so happy to say that chiropractic worked for me. Thank you Dr. Bob for helping me live a better life!”

Geri Masellis