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Thank you for visiting us at our New Life Integrative of California website. We’re a complete functional medicine and chiropractic health center located in Modesto in the heart of California’s Central Valley. Dr. Bob Armstrong is the founder and CEO of NLI and has been in practice since 2005.

Our practice specializes in helping our patients find answers to their underlying causes of chronic pain syndromes, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, chronic neck, back and knee pain, thyroiditis, headaches, arthritis, stress, hormonal conditions, belly fat and weight loss issues and then correcting those conditions. We have solutions for the causes of gastrointestinal conditions including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), gastric reflux, and Crohn’s Disease. Our Stress, Hormones and Belly Fat seminars and treatments are renown in the Central Valley and our patients have seen amazing results.

Auto accident patients are one of our true specialties as well, and we’re the leader in our community as we work with our patients to relieve their pain, regain their mobility and range of motion and get them once again, back to their optimal health. When you’ve been in auto accident, it seems that everyone loses. We only work with the best attorneys in our community. also, to help you regain what you’ve lost in your accident too.

Call us, make an appointment or attend one of our free educational seminars to learn how you can become proactive in preventing or correcting, these and other chronic degenerative diseases in your life. Heart disease, cancer, medical industry mistakes and pharmaceuticals, dementia/Alzheimer’s, diabetes, osteoarthritis and obesity are the major reasons that Americans are dying prematurely. Learn what you can do to prevent and protect yourself and your loved ones against these life-threatening conditions.

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“I have noticed how noticed a significant difference in how my body feels, and when I’m not being adjusted, my body feels out of whack. I grew up with a grandpa and uncle who strongly believed in chiropractic care. My grandpa did the block chiropractic method, and uncle did the popping your back while hug yourself. Dr. Bob’s care has been more effective than the block method my grandpa did. Little known fact, unadjusted, one of my legs was shorter than the other. As soon as I am adjusted, my legs are back to even length. I come to Dr. Bob because he really has great methods, between block and really active adjustments. I also love falling asleep in the cervical traction bed.”
Kris Peters, Modesto, CA
“I am so glad that my girlfriend recommended Dr. Bob to me. I had been struggling with persistent upper torso and neck problems. I also had worsening curvature of the spine that is gradually straightening out. If you are having serious problems. The “Corrective Care Plan” is what I highly recommend. I’ve almost completed the plan and I feel so much more flexible than before I started 6 months ago! Thank you.”
Maureen Whittaker, Modesto, CA
“I went to the Vintage Park Mall in Modesto, and Dr. Armstrong was demonstrating and doing posture evaluations. I was consulted by the doctor to make an appointment for further evaluation. I scheduled an appointment and had x-rays taken. The x-rays showed the problems I was feeling. All made sense especially with the symptoms I have had of the pain I have in my back. Since I have had treatments there has been a lot of relief from doing CBP traction. I have really found relief from my pain with my treatments and I really appreciate both Dr. Bob and his assistant Bob Sr. for their help in my healing process. I’ve experienced so much improvement in my health, that I’ve been coming to see Dr. Bob now for over 8 straight years. Thank you Dr. Bob.”
Dorothy Brumley, Modesto, CA
“My chiropractic care has helped reduce the amount of headaches that I have. It has gotten rid of consistent soreness in my neck and shoulders. I can think more clearly and my digestion is better along with other physical improvements. I still need more help to improve my back pain related issues. But overall, chiropractic care through this office has helped me improve the quality of my life. Thank you again Dr. Bob.”
Erik Lopez, Modesto, CA
“Tube un accidente de caro en Diciembre y fui a tratamiento con un chiropractico pero no senti ninguna mejoria hasta que conosi al Dr. Bob y los tratamientos de el senti una gram mejoria en mi cuell0, espalda, pie y cadera. Gracias a terapias y notado una gran mejoria en mi misma. Estoy muy agradecida porque gracias a el tengo un major estilo de vida me siento muy satisfecha porque gracias a el ahora puedo haser cosas que antes no podia. Muchisimas Gracias!”
Karina Vega, Modesto, CA

In our New Life Integrative of California office located at 1031 McHenry Ave. Suite 1,  Modesto, CA, 95350, we take your health very seriously. We specialize in Functional Health Care Procedures which are science based and use personalized healthcare approaches that access and treat you, the whole person, and then with comprehensive diagnostic testing and with science-based specialized protocols, we correct the underlying causes of chronic illness and pain through individually tailored programs to restore health and function without harmful drugs, injections or surgery. Our approach is cutting-edge and our patients appreciate the results. Dr. Armstrong has successfully treated thousands of his patients and would love the chance to help you as well. Call 209-809-1830 and schedule your free consultation today. New patients are always welcome. We have many patients all around the country now that are being treated by Dr. Armstrong for chronic conditions. Call us, even if you live away in another part of the country and away from the Central Valley. Technology is a wonderful thing and is bringing doctors to their patients easily every day. We look forward to working with you. Blessings.



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